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  • Rapido Post 1948 DS Boxcar - 48" Monad -NO ROAD NUMBER
  • Rapido HO-Scale 10000 Series Boxcar - Un-numbered

Post 1948 Rapido DS Boxcar - 48" Monad -NO ROAD NUMBER


Product Description

Rapido HO-Scale 10000 Series Boxcar - 48" Monad - Main Street of the Northwest: Starting in 1923 the Northern Pacific ordered more than 4,000 double-sheathed cars in the 10000-13999 series. This large group shared many common features, including steel ends with lumber doors, radial roofs and lever handbrakes. Amazingly, these cars lasted in revenue service until 1970 and in company service for another 12 years. Because of their large number they could be found on freight trains across North America.

Rapido’s model has been scaled from original blueprints and field measurements with the assistance of the NPRHA. Features include full underframe detail with riveted center sill, AB or K brakes as appropriate, and formed wire grab irons installed at the factory. 

The NPRHA is proud to make these magnificent models of THE NP boxcar available.

After 1948, the Northern Pacific used a larger 48" monad with the Main Street of the Northwest slogan underneath.

This is an exclusive painted and lettered model without road numbers only available from the NPRHA. 

A complete decal set, including road numbers, for this boxcar can be ordered separately here

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