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  • NPRHA 2021 Calendar

NPRHA 2021 Calendar


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2021 NPRHA Calendar includes:
Cover - Manifest Freight B-603 running as Extra 2672 West on the Yellowstone Division's 3rd sub led by A-4 Northern no. 2672 on Sept. 9, 1956. Color photo by Tom Glidersleeve;
January - Class Q-6 pacific no. 2663 stopped with No. 7 the St. Paul -Fargo fast passenger train in Sept 1945. Photo by Edgell, Gary Wildung collection;
February - A shot across the armstrong turntable of the Bozeman roundhouse taken in the fall of 1891 from the Warren McGee collection;
March - At Dayton, WA, station agent Howard Whipple mans a baggage cart as the two brakemen offload bay window caboose 1537 in August or 1962. Color photo by Bruce Butler;
April - A Jim Fredrickson photo of Class A-3 no. 2660 at the point of First No. 1, the westbound North Coast Limited, at Jamestown, ND in 1939.
May - RDC-2 no. B-31, originally WP no.375, running as No. 14 at Pembina, ND in May of 1969. Color photo by John Kennedy;
June - A view of the 13-car westbound North Coast Limited led by F3 6508at the De Smet interlocking on June 25, 1951. Photo by Ron Nixon;
July - Crossing Lake Pend Oreille, eastbound manifest 600 is led by a SD43 no. 3605 and U25Cs 2528 and 2510. Color photo by Ron Nixon;
August - Engine 1807 leading the Hill Ave Yard transfer under the NP Ore Dock. The August 11, 1956 photo is by Elber Treloar;
September - Four F9s lead Extra 7005D East at Sand point on Jum 2 or 3 1962. Bruce Butler photo.
October - A color photo of the Livingston coad dock taken in 1954 by Warren McGee;
November - Class A-4 engine no. 2674 leading the second section of the westbound Mainstreeter as it's about to pass thru the "Hole-in-the-wall" in Minneapolis in July 1953. Bill Kuebler collection;
December - A snowy day at Pullman, WA as GP9 204 assigned to the Camas Prairie assists RDS-2 B-30 on No. 311, a first class passenger train from Spokane . Bruce Butler color photo.
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