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  • NPRHA 2019 Calendar

NPRHA 2019 Calendar


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2019 NPRHA Calendar includes:
Cover - A long overhead Warren McGee shot in color of Class Z-7 4-6-6-4 Extra 5126 East at Mission, MT on Feb 19, 1956;
January - Near Big Lake, MN, Extra 2457 West, a class T-1 Prairie, is taking the local freight to Sartell, MN in 1956;
February - A color shot of a Central District Signal crewman on his M-9 motor car approaching Meyers, MT in June 1962;
March - At Knowles on the Rocky Mountain Division, the eastbound North Coast Limited meets the westbound Alaskan April 11, 1951;
April - A Jim Fredrickson shot of 18YO hostler Warren Graybeal standing at the front of Class Z-8 engine number 5138 at Easton on April 15, 1944;
May - Extra 2653 East meets No. 1 led by Class A 4-8-4 2664 at St. Cloud on May 20, 1940 in this Warren McGee photo;
June - A view through the windshield of No. 3's lead diesel 6505 as the Alaskan approaches the Missouri River on June 4, 1951;
July - A color shot of Extra 6016D East led by an F7A as it approaches the west switch at Bismarck in April of 1960;
August - The 56-seat Day Coach no. 502 gets the finishing touches by two Pullman-Standard employees outside the Illinois plant on Aug. 26, 1946.
September - A color shot of Extra 4016 East meeting Extra 4015 West at Kennedy, WA in June 1941 with fireman Frank Freeman on the pilot of 4016.
October - Extra 2510 West splits the semaphores  near Ellensburg on July 13, 1966 color photo;
November - A May 1952 shot of Class A-5 running as Extra 2683 East at Frazee, MN;
December - A 1939 photo of the Northern Pacific's first diesel-electric locomotive, no. 100 at Seattle
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