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  • NPRHA 2014 Calendar

NPRHA 2014 Calendar


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2014 NPRHA Calendar includes:
Cover - Extra 6017A West climbs Lyons Hill near Mandan, ND in 1960, color;
January - The caboose end of Extra 5126 West at Weed, MT in 1950;
February - Helper NP 4001 cut into a westbound freight leaving Livingston, MT in the post WWI era;
March - NP 2256 with train No. 311 at Marshall, WA in 1950;
April - A view of the North Coast Limited and the Glendive, MT yard in 1966, color;
May - NP 6503 in Pine Tree paint, makes a station stop with the NCL at Thommpson Falls MT in 1948, color;
June - NP 1661 heads the east bound local from Sidney, MT as it enters Glendive, MT in 1953;
July - The NCL observation car passes the caboose of the Cheney Local at Marshall, WA in 1950;
August - Extra 326 East is in the clear for NP RDC-2 B-32 at Gary, MN, color;
September - Extra 6012A West enters the siding at Hauser, ID in 1966, color;
October - The headend of Extra 5126 West at Weed, MT in 1950;
November - NP 6703A leads the westbound NCL at Spire Rock, MT in 1965, color;
December - Extra 5136 West gets underway at Laurel, MT yard in 1949.

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