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  • NPRHA 2012 Calendar

NPRHA 2012 Calendar


Product Description

2012 NPRHA Calendar includes:
Cover -
NP 6015D with an extra freight east leaving the Missouri River at Bismarck in 1960, color;
- Class A-4, NP 2673 with westbound NCL leaves St. Paul Union Station circa 1943;
- NP 5146 hauls a freight across the Marent Trestle on Duane Danielson's layout in Colorado, color;
- NP 5136 waits at the Nelson WA siding for eastbound NP 2264 with the Alaskan in 1947;
- NP depot at Noxon MT seen from the cab of NP 6506 leading the Alaskan in 1949;
May - The wye and depot at Manitoba Junction ND taken from a vestibule of the Mainstreeter in 1954;
June - The windows of the North Coast Limited dome cars are washed at Livingston MT in 1957, color;
July - NP 6504C with the NCL passes Extra 2500 West at Thorp WA during tests with the dynamometer car in 1964, color;
August - NP 1792 with the Cheney local freight at a Marshall WA siding in 1950;
September - NP 6501C with the westbound Mainstreeter leaves Mandan ND depot in 1961; color;
October - NP gas-elelctric, B21, running as train No. 139, takes a siding at Medberry ND in 1958, color;
November - The Mainstreeter has eight baggage cars to handle the mail during a station stop in Fargo in 1967, color;
December - NP 5000 takes coal at the Livingston dock while in helper service on Bozeman Pass in 1951.

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