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  • HO-Scale War Emergency Boxcar

HO-Scale War Emergency Boxcar


Product Description

HO-Scale War Emergency Boxcar Resin Kit: The Northern Pacific Railway in 1944 secured permission from federal authorities to purchase 1,000 steel-framed boxcars to replace aging wood-sheathed boxcars that were deteriorating rapidly after seeing years of heavy wartime service. So-called War Emergency freight car designs employed wood single-sheathed designs to reduce the use of steel. The basic dimensions of these boxcars closely followed the AAR standard for a 10-foot 6inch inside height car with a 40-foot 6-inch inside length, 6-foot wide door openings. The main steel components were standard for boxcars of this era: Murphy rectangular stamped panel non-overhanging roof, 5/5 dreadnaught ends (with a shortened top rib), fabricated steel underframe, 7-rung side and end ladders, and 7-panel Superior sliding doors. However the NP design was unique in having only three (rather than 4 or 5) side panels between the door posts and ends, and with frame truss diagonals canted from floor to roof going from car ends to the doors, or what is referred to in structural engineering as a Howe truss, rather than the more usual Pratt truss design.

The kit includes detail parts from Tichy Products, Atlas and Hi-Tech Details and trucks from Tahoe Model Works. Decals and couples are not included. Decals can be ordered here (does 8 cars)

The kit was developed by the NPRHA as a one-piece resin "unibody" casting following the initial flat kit patterns originally developed for Sunshine Models by Frank Hodina.

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