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  • Rapido 10000 series decals

Complete Decal set for Rapido NP 10000 Series Boxcar


Product Description

NP 10000 Series boxcar Decals: HO modelers can use this extensive set of water-slide decals to decorate NP Boxcars:

  • A variety of special markings to enhance the RTR model.
  • Several sets of numbers to add decals to the NPRHA exclusive un-numbered cars.
  • Heralds, slogans, reweigh, lube, placards, etc. for other decaling projects.
  • The sheet also includes enough decals to decorate a single car from scratch. 

The NPHRA Modeling Committee reviewed and approved all the artwork. 

The set includes 1 sheets of decals 

There are two presentations that will help guide decal placement found in the Modeling Resources – Articles section of the NPRHA web site:

NP Freight Car Lettering, Slogans & Monads, Part 1

NP Freight Car Lettering, Slogans & Monads, Part 2

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