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  • Bethlehem Car Works NP 10-1-1 Pullman Sleeper Pine Tree Paint Scheme

Bethlehem Car Works NP 10-1-1 Pullman Sleeper Pine Tree Green Paint Scheme


Product Description

The Pullman 10-1-1 sleepers were used on several railroads. The NP contracted with Pullman to use 25 of them through the 1930's and the war years. In 1946, Pullman sold off significant numbers of their heavy weight cars. This was in response to a U.S. Department of Justice Anti-Trust case, changes in travel and Pullman reducing its fleet of aging cars. The NP bought the 25 cars that it had previously used. The cars had been well maintained and had many remaining years of service life.

The kit from Bethlehem Car Works is based on Branchline parts and includes a correct, custom resin roof, custom decals, car sides a body core and vestibules painted using Scalecoat II paint, an interior and trucks. Wheel sets and couplers are not supplied. 

This version is painted Pine Tree green.

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